Stand-Up Paddle Board Hire

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Explore the Noosa River with a stand-up paddle board

Looking for a paddle board hire in Noosa? Experience the best that the Noosa River has to offer in a fun, healthy and eco-friendly way with one of our stable and stylish stand-up paddle boards. Bring your friends and family along for a fun day on the water.

Reserve your Noosa SUP hire today.

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  • Do I need swimwear to stand up paddle?

    Well, that depends on how good you are! It’s quite easy to fall off a paddle board so it is very likely you’ll get wet.

    Can anyone do this?

    Yes, they can, providing they are reasonably comfortable in the water and on an unstable surface. Our boards are stable, however, they are on the water so they do wobble as you would expect.

    Do you have drinks available for purchase?

    Yes, we do! We have a selection of healthy and delicious drinks in our kiosk.