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About us

Australia’s most diverse waterways

Our Story

Eco Noosa is owned and managed by husband and wife team, Arahina Hawkes and Michael Wallent. The couple met 15 years ago in the middle of the ocean in northern Australia. They both had experience in the tourism industry, and a thirst for adventure and travel sent them in search for more. They travelled the globe, working on some of the planet’s finest super yachts and experiencing the best that each destination could offer. They learnt how to provide a great service and of course they kept their eyes open for an opportunity of their own.

Arahina and Michael have always been passionate about the environment and supporting local business. Now with two children, the couple has experienced firsthand the gap that often exists for people at popular destinations; a lack of things to do as a group, or for the kids, that is both different and environmentally friendly. This was the inspiration behind taking on Eco Noosa. But it reaches beyond groups and families; we want everyone to be able to enjoy a unique experience while out in the fresh air.

So join us for a unique and amazing day on the beautiful Noosa River.