Nauticycle Self-Guided Tour

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Experience water sports & cycling in the Noosa River

Try something new on your next trip to the Noosa River. Nauticycle water bikes make for a fun new approach to water sports.

Our Nauticycle water bikes provide a seamless fusion of water sports and cycling, inspiring an easy, fun and safe way to get out and onto the river, with a no-impact approach.

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  • Do I need swimwear to ride a water bike?

    No, our bikes are actually very dry, so swimwear is optional. We do recommend it though, as you may want to cool off while exploring the river.

    Can anyone do this?

    Yes, they can! Water bikes are easier to ride than their land-based cousins. Also, we have different sizes for different sized people.

    Do you have drinks available for purchase?

    Yes, we do! We have a selection of healthy and delicious drinks in our kiosk.